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Finding Life After Abuse
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Hope Rising
Life After Hell
 I  decided to start this blog with the intention of healing after a 4+ year relationship/marriage with a narcissist who displayed every characteristic of a sociopath and Cluster B personality traits. Not only will I be sharing my personal story, but I will be discussing articles, listing resources, inviting guest writers with the hopes that someone out there reading  this journal will be encouraged and know :

You are not alone. You are not crazy.  It was never your fault.
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  1. #WhyIStayed
    Another common comment I'm sure we have all heard regarding domestic violence victims is "Why don't you just leave?"  I know I have said this, and could not understand the reasoning when I was not in the situation.  One of the first articles I want to share with you is from Huffington Post.  They did an investigative report and interviewed many domestic violence victims/survivors in an attempt to understand why we stay.  These women listed a plethora of reasons, but they found a common thread
  2. Never Say Never
    I remember a time, not so long ago, when my response to domestic violence was, "That will never be me.  I will never allow somebody to treat me that way." I learned the hard way to Never say Never. I remember him knocking over my Christmas tree and stealing my children's gifts less than a week before Christmas.  I had to sell my jewelry to rebuy the gifts.  Never say Never. I remember the first time  a perfect stranger sent me an article about a woman who was badly beaten out of concern for